WHAT We Can Machine

Our Large Vertical CNC Turning capabilities allow us to machine any shape from simple to complex, using a wide range of materials. Over the years, we’ve produced everything from rope sheaves to rocket components.

To see the full list of VTL machines that we have in house, as well as our other capabilities, check out our Equipment List.

HOW We Do It

Several years ago we invested in the Toshiba TUE-200 Vertical Turning Center:

  • Maximum weight capacity over 33,000 pounds
  • Live tooling
  • Min/Max speed of 60/240 RPM

Additional features include drilling, spot facing, milling, and boring. Our two VTL machining specialists each have over 20 years of experience!

Defense Segments

WHO We Serve

We put our expertise and equipment to work serving a variety of industries, including mining, defense, and aerospace.

As always, it comes back to the team we have at Toolcraft Machining who put our equipment to work and deliver for our customers. Interested in learning more about our capabilities? Get in touch today!