New in 2020, Toolcraft Machining is happy to announce the purchase of the DMG MORI NLX 6000. This machine is an exciting addition to our arsenal of horizontal lathes and allows us to expand our possibilities in turning.

With a maximum workpiece length of 78.7 inches, the NLX 6000 allows us to turn lengths never seen before at Toolcraft Machining.

This maximum workpiece length is 30 inches larger than any of our other horizontal lathes. We are able to turn a maximum diameter of 36.2 inches with a maximum chuck diameter of 24 inches. Furthermore, we purchased the Steady Rest for the NLX 6000. This hydraulically controlled Steady Rest allows us to turn parts up to 21 inches in diameter while better supporting them inside the machine. By supporting the part and reducing vibrations, the Steady Rest allows us to turn long and slim parts with increased precision. Additionally, the open design allows us to efficiently machine the part on both sides of the Steady Rest without having to move or readjust the part. The Steady Rest is especially beneficial when turning parts in the draw tube, which has a maximum inner diameter of 4.6 inches.

In every business, time is money. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently produce parts within our shop, and the NLX 6000 is no exception.

The NLX 6000 has a maximum rotational speed of 1000 rpm and has a maximum output of 73.8 horsepower. Additionally, the NLX 6000 has space for 12 tools inside the machine. This allows for quicker setup and more efficient tool changing while the machine is running. This combination of power and speed provided by the NLX 6000 means that we can now produce parts more efficiently, which saves our customers time and money.

Even with the speed and power provided by the NLX 6000, there is no sacrifice made in precision.

This machine is equipped with top-of-the-line precision tooling mechanisms, such as alternating speed features and automatic tool origin indicators. To add to the built in mechanisms of the NLX 6000, we have setup a chip chiller to go with the machine. The chip chiller stabilizes the temperature of the coolant in the machine, which keeps the parts at ideal temperatures and reduces the possibility of false measurements. Combined with the stability of the Steady Rest, the speed, power, and accuracy of this machine make the NLX 6000 an important asset to our company and allows us to create top of the line products for our customers.