It’s no secret that precision is a keystone to our business here at Toolcraft Machining. We pride ourselves on quality and the accuracy we provide with every part we make. In order to increase our capabilities in precision measuring, we have added the 7-Axis Hexagon Absolute Arm to our collection of CMMs. To add to this machine, we have also purchased the RS6 Laser Scanner attachment. This scanner allows us to quickly scan parts and create a 3D model just with the laser.

The Hexagon RS6 Laser Scanner is a top of the line laser scanner that can scan up to 1.2 million points/second. With a consistent scan rate of 300 Hz, the RS6 allows us to scan large parts quickly and easily. A visual guide gives us real time feedback, streamlining the whole process, which allows for increased efficiency when in use. There is no need to slow down to increase accuracy, either. The RS6 is designed to run at full function all the time, so the laser runs just as well at normal speed and at slow speed.

The RS6 is designed for efficient use. There is less preparation required, less set up time needed, and fewer settings to adjust. This allows us to scan parts that are complex in nature with non-symmetric characteristics very easily. Furthermore, the scanner can be changed out easily. When putting on a new probe, there is no re-calibration required. Once you put it on, it’s ready to use. Best of all, the RS6 is designed to work on 99% of surfaces. It does not matter if the finish is glossy, matte, or a different color, the RS6 scans with ease on all surfaces.

While the RS6 is very easy to use and works quickly, it makes no sacrifice in precision. The laser scanner is accurate within 0.089 mm (0.0035 in), and the other probe is accurate within 0.084 mm (0.0033 in). This accuracy allows the laser to scan a part, create a 3D model, and then compare it to the original CAD model of the part or output measurement results. This makes it easy to see the differences and check all the dimensions of the part.

The RS6 has allowed us to do things that no other equipment can. We can scan small parts, large parts, parts with hard to reach places, asymmetric parts, and many others. With this range of scanning capabilities, we are able to produce parts never seen before at Toolcraft Machining. We are excited to bring in new work and show our customers the quality we can provide on all kinds of parts as a result of this addition.

We are excited to bring in new work and show our customers the quality we can achieve on a wide variety of parts as a result of this addition.