Machinists have one of the fastest-growing jobs in the manufacturing industry. A career in manufacturing can be extremely rewarding, with many opportunities for growth. At Toolcraft Machining, we allow you to develop sought-after skills and experience. We’ve cultivated a strong, tight-knit team, and emphasize training, communication and teamwork.

Toolcraft has decades of experience providing high-quality CNC machining for all types of projects. We specialize in CNC machining of custom precision parts for the aerospace, defense, oil and gas industries. We are a single-source solution for our customers so that they can be confident their projects are done on time, the first time. Customers can expect us to execute exactly as promised. 

On average, employees dedicate more than 10 years of service at Toolcraft. This ongoing company loyalty is an asset to both our team and our customer base.

Manufacturing Jobs: What does success look like at Toolcraft?

Toolcraft is proud to offer a great internal company culture, based on our three core values of Grit, Authenticity, and Doing The Right Thing.

  1. Grit: Grit, to us, is the definition of working hard. We encourage our employees to set challenging goals. Still, we provide them with the necessary resources to achieve those goals. Grit is not just the motto of “Never give up,” but the ability and space to ask for help when necessary.
  2. Authenticity: We encourage our employees to be authentic. That is, we expect them to be honest with both themselves and their peers. Toolcraft administrators are committed to preserving authenticity for their employees and remaining transparent within the company. We also want our team to create authentic work that best serves our customers.
  3. Doing The Right Thing: Our third core value of “Doing The Right Thing” highlights our commitment to ethical behavior, integrity, and respect for others. Above all, we want to do the right thing for our customers. We provide them with a lasting solution built with our high-quality precision machining.

Our Open-Door Policy

At Toolcraft, we believe that respect should always be at the heart of any relationship. We maintain respect both with our customers and with our peers. Additionally, we ask our employees to treat everyone equally. We have an open-door policy between fellow employees and management. This allows for a safe environment where team members can provide honest feedback. Ultimately, this strengthens the team as a whole.

Company Transparency

With this open-door policy, we also strive to build a team who can help each other in reaching their goals. We post our latest quarterly report on the manufacturing floor for every team member to see. These include our profitability and other performance metrics. We can continue to hold each other accountable for company-wide goals this way.

Benefits and Other Manufacturing Employee Perks

We strive to create a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential. Our manufacturing jobs offer competitive wages and benefits, with opportunities for growth. 

Some of our key benefits include:

  • Insurance Benefits (including Health, Dental, and Life Insurance)
  • Vacation and Paid Holidays
  • Training and Development
  • 401(k) Plans and Profit Sharing

At Toolcraft, we are committed to investing in our employees. Every year, we reinvest 5% of our total sales back into training initiatives. These include technical development and leadership training. It is our priority that our team remains up to date with current manufacturing processes and technologies. This allows us to continue to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

We also are committed to team-building opportunities outside of work.  These include team events like golf outings, potlucks, holiday parties, and community events. We always want to encourage our team to continue to bond and support one another. These events are also a great way to celebrate our wins and milestones throughout each year.

Using the Latest Technology for High-Quality Machining

We understand that manufacturing jobs demand both precision and attention to detail. At Toolcraft, we continue to invest in the latest technology and equipment. Thus, our machined parts meet the highest standards. 

We frequently update our processes with new technologies. When we do, we ensure that our employees can use them to their fullest potential. This often means additional employee training or certification. 

Read our guiding principle, which we keep posted for all employees to see:

“It is Toolcraft’s policy to meet or exceed customer expectations, continually improve our quality and management systems, provide the necessary resources to sustain growth, and comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard.”

This also means that we invest in our team. As an employee, you have access to a wide range of resources and support that will help you become a highly skilled machinist. From CNC manufacturing training to competitive benefits packages, we’re committed to your success.

Kickstart Your Manufacturing Career with Toolcraft

With the projected growth in the industry, now is the time to consider a career in manufacturing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, starting salaries for recent college graduates tend to be higher in manufacturing than in other industries. Additionally, manufacturing employers tend to invest in their employees more, with greater benefits such as health insurance and retirement, as well as ongoing training and certification programs.

At Toolcraft, we’ve honed our knowledge and experience. Since our founding in 1960, we’ve become a leader in CNC machining. We are also a trusted expert in the manufacturing industry. We have a deep commitment to our employees and their continued success here at Toolcraft. We’re always looking for talented individuals who are interested in joining our team.
Want to learn more about your career path at Toolcraft? Check out our Careers page.