Miami Security

For a home to be a sanctuary, it is essential that you feel safe in it all the time. Not only home but having a safe environment in the workplace has the same significance. There are plenty of Security Services in Miami that ensure you and your loved ones. One of the leading company among them is FPI security services. Since 1981, our company is providing the professional and highest standard of services.

Serves High-Profile Clients: With the workforce of almost 300 officers, both armed and unarmed, our company serves many private sectors, including local hospitals and medical clinics, condos and office buildings, school campuses, clubhouses, industrial properties, construction sites, and many other commercial properties. Besides, our security protection company is quite famous in the public sector as well. Some of our well-known clients are AutoNation, HBO Latin America, and Miami Herald. You will also commonly find our security services in cities like Coral Gables, Pembroke Pines, North Miami, and Fort Lauderdale throughout Florida. All these clients vouch for our unsurpassed services, making us the most reliable Security protection company in Miami, FL.

Dedicated Team: Moreover, what sets our security services apart from others is the high professionalism of our worker. The people at our company will always make you feel warm and secured at any cost. We highly emphasizes personal hygiene and strictly enforces grooming to ensure that all our team member look best while serving you to experience our finest bodyguard services in Miami. Most importantly, our team comprises of highly-skilled and trained employees. The training is provided by our company’s leading experts for respective fields. As a result of which, each query will be resolved promptly and efficiently in no time.

What FPI Offers? Our main aim is to make you feel secure, whether you’re at your home, office, or on the go. Therefore, we design each service according to your needs and refining them to give you the best possible personal security experience in Miami. The security services that we offer are:

  • Security Officers: Whether you want bodyguards or Executive security in Miami, FL, the officers of our team will go ahead of time to protect you from any danger or threat. All the officers receive training at our onsite security academy. Before you embark on any trip, the officers will analyze each route and identify all obstacles associated with it. In simple words, our security guards are always vigilant.
  • Patrol Services: If you have a specific budget or don’t like to be accompanied by a guard, then opting for our Patrol services is the best idea. In this service, a modern and highly equipped car will always be around your property to ensure your safety and will respond immediately in case of any threat.
  • Surveillance Systems: The high-definition surveillance system will benefit your property in the most advanced way. But before installing the system, our certified technicians will perform a complete assessment of your organization/home and then come up with the best security solution for you in your budget.
  • Monitoring Services: The security operation center of our security services is always ready to serve our clients. The 24-hour video monitoring officer will always keep an eye on your property and, in case of any emergency, we will notify you as well as take the appropriate action immediately.

To avail any of our security services or to learn more about our security services, Contact FPI Security Services:

Broward: (954) 370-5300

Dade: (305) 827-4300