Integrating Our Business with the Needs of the Customer

At Toolcraft Machining, our philosophy is to integrate our business with the needs of our customers. It’s critical we understand the driving factors in our customers’ business. We spend time interviewing and understanding their key objectives and goals and aim to align our business targets with what is most important for our customers.

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The Customer

Too often, small businesses can fall into the trap of focusing inward and lose perspective on how to serve the needs of their customer. At Toolcraft Machining, we maintain a posture that is always facing the customer. We are regularly working to understand what is the strategic direction of the customer. We look back to our business and work to align our direction with where our customer is heading. We believe that maintaining this stride for stride focus on the customer is what is most crucial to our individual success.

How We Win


We start with the customer! We ask: Where is their pain? Where are they going? How can we help them win?


The business climate is dynamic. We remain nimble so we can quickly respond to customer changes.


We communicate early and often. Our customers feel like we are an extension of their business.

Problem solvers

We work tirelessly to solve challenges and problems our customer is experiencing. It's how we add value.

Standing Apart From The Competition

We put our customer's needs first, solve the problems that our competition cannot, and openly communicate throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Customer is at the center

We solve the problems that other manufacturers cannot

We communicate early and often

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