Vertical CNC Turning Capabilities

At Toolcraft Machining, we have the experts and the equipment to meet or exceed your expectations. Our large Vertical CNC Turning capabilities allow us to machine any shape, from simple to complex, using a wide range of materials. We machine everything from common alloys such as A36, A572 and A633, to Super Alloys such as Monel K500, Titanium, and Inconel. No matter what it is – forging, casting or fabrication, napkin sketch to full CAD model – we have the people and experience to figure out your challenges and get it done.

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Over 60 Years of Experience

Our expertise in working with complex materials and shapes give us the edge over our competition. We take your machining headaches and find solutions for each one. From unique work holding to finding the correct grade of insert to use, our machinists work to find solutions rather than excuses.

Our Vertical CNC Turning Advantages


Our Vertical CNC Turning machinists have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions for all your machining needs.


Properly maintained Vertical CNC Turning centers allow our machinists to produce even the most complex components.


We are committed to providing the training and resources necessary for our machinists to perform at the highest level possible.


We stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can produce only the highest quality products for our customers.

Toolcraft Machining Equipment List

Toolcraft Machining has assembled a diverse group of machines to serve all your CNC Machining needs. See the equipment list for details.

Toshiba TUE 200

Toshiba TUE 150

Doosan Puma

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